Rise of Podcasts

Two months ago I decided to give an opportunity to Apple Podcast. Seems like I discovered a new world! I’ll advise five different Podcast in this post.

1-  YollardaTV

Let’s begin with Yollarda TV. This two entrepreneur(Arman and Koray) giving advice their subscribers about entrepreneurship. They publishing a recording everyweek.

2- Para Sohbetleri

Second channel is ‘Para Sohbetleri’ from Mehmet Hamdi Bol. He is good at speaking about money, blockchain etc.

3- The English We Speak

If you are willing to improve your English skills you should follow this channel immediately. This channel powered by BBC.

4- Bahri Karaçay ile Bilim

I recommend this channel because he speaks about science, technology and interesting things.

5- English as a Second Language(ESL)

Like third one this channel about English skills.

Thank you for reading my first content written in English. I hope it’s getting better next time.

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